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Prayers for HealingPrayers for Healing
“I know that people of all faiths as well as those who do not believe in a religion will find inspiration and understanding here that in some way contribute to their own inner peace.” —From the foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Nowhere will you find 365 prayers that will comfort, inspire, move, and heal the human spirit as you will find in this extraordinary collection….A must for every home and workplace!” —Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

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The Way We PrayThe Way We Pray
“Maggie Oman Shannon has written a terrifically inspiring and useful book by gathering together many of the world’s most profound spiritual practices and making them readily applicable to our own busy lives.”—Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., author of Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life

“If you are looking to deepen and expand your prayer or meditative practice, The Way We Pray is an inspiration and a necessary tool.” —Justine and Michael Toms, co-founders of New Dimensions Radio and co-authors of True Work

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A String and a PrayerA String and a Prayer
“A String and a Prayer is an important little book–a spiritual history, a primer of prayer forms, a treasure house of understanding. There is no one who cannot benefit from this book.” —Joan Chittister, OSB, author of Illuminated Life and In Search of Belief

“I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all who are interested in the subject of prayer.” —Ron Roth, author of Reclaim Your Spiritual Power

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One God, Shared HopeOne God, Shared Hope
“This book invites the reader to listen to the deeper voices of the three great monotheistic traditions and embrace a common hope. A book of prayer, praise, and wisdom–and in these troubled times, water in the desert.” —Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco; author of Living the Truth and Seasons of Grace

“How reassuring, as an antidote to the current news of escalating ideological enmity, for Maggie Oman Shannon to say, ‘God is love,’ and provide as evidence the ways in which, across religious traditions, that message is spoken.” —Sylvia Boorstein, author of Pay Attention, For Goodness’ Sake: Practicing the Perfections of the Heart

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Prayers for Hope and ComfortPrayers for Hope and Comfort
“This is the handy kind of spiritual resource that you can turn to in moments of doubt, pain, loneliness, sadness, or inertia. It provides good medicine for the soul and the elixir of hope for the spirit.” —Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,

“From Martin Luther King Jr. to Confucius, Prayers for Hope and Comfort is an impressive and memorable compendium of great religious wisdom in the form of prayers ranging from Christianity to Buddhism. As thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring, Prayers for Hope and Comfort is very highly recommended addition to personal, community Religious Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.” — Midwest Book Review

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Crafting CalmCrafting Calm
“The genius of this book is that it provides a practical and inspirational way of accessing two universal essential forces that sustain the human spirit: contemplation and creativity. A timeless and invaluable resource for anyone!” —Angeles Arrien, author of The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates to Wisdom

2013award“Awaken and illuminate your creative and spiritual connections with Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation. Nourish yourself and others with this practical, elegant, deeply inspiring book. The title alone will uplift your spirits!” —SARK, author, artist, Succulent Wild Woman,

Spirituality & Practice named Crafting Calm one of the 50 Best Spiritual Books of 2013, and Spirituality & Health magazine named Crafting Calm as one of its five favorites to quiet the mind.

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